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Featured Curator: Ali // ctrl-glitch

Graeme Borland is a 23 year old concept artist from Canada. Throughout his artistic journey, he’s explored a number of different formats. From comics and doodles in his middle school days, to 3D art in his teens, and to the now 2 year old daily sketch project that is his Tumblr blog. When asked what inspired him to start making art, Graeme said:

“I’ve been a game developer since I got my first computer, and the idea of creating worlds and environments has always been interesting to me. Eventually I sort of just figured out that digital painting is one of the fastest ways to get an idea out of my head and into a useful form. I can have an idea, work for 30 minutes and see that idea on the screen. That kind of turnaround time is extremely fast compared to building environments in 3D or levels in a game, and having a quick outlet for ideas is important to me, so it was a natural fit.”

Some of Graeme’s favorite artists include Daniel Dociu, Kekai Kotaki, Feng Zhu, Tom Scholes, Noah Bradley, Jaime Jones, and many others.

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